Get Exposure and Gain Your Next 1000 Followers Who Will Pay For Your Art (Even If You Have No Time, No Motivation, & No Self-Confidence)

We are a Community of Artists Dedicated to Helping You Build an Audience That Values Your Art

We are artists headed to a single destination: 

 A world where you have over 1000 loyal followers who will pay you to make art.

 We are headed to the place where you belong . . .

Where you can make the kind of art you want to make and make a living doing it.

No more working jobs that take time away from your art and drain your motivation.

No more dealing with people, customers, and clients who don't value what you do.

The world needs your characters, your stories, your art.

Learn How to Make a Living Off Your Art With the Kid Millionaire Clubhouse

  • Learn How to Make a Living Off Your Art  
  • Save Time & Money by Learning from Friends and Fellow Artists  
  • Overcome Self-Doubt and Build Confidence  
  • Get Exposure and Build Your Following  
  • Beat Artist Block and Make Art Your Followers Will Love  
  • Gain Endless Motivation and Inspiration & Overcome Procrastination For Good

What You Get:

Online Community 

Save time and money by learning from friends, fellow artists, and full-time professional artists in our private community where you can share your work and get support.

Live Masterclasses, Q&A's, and Artist Interviews  

Learn skills that pay the bills from independent and industry professionals in the fields of comics, illustration, animation, and visual storytelling.

Career Opportunities 

Be notified of career opportunities, network with other artists in your field, and grow your following with other professional artists.

Get Support From The Best Artists & Visual Storytellers

Live Monthly Masterclasses, Q&A's, and exclusive interviews with the biggest names in comics, animation, illustration, and visual storytelling.

Bill Plympton Academy-Award Nominated Animation Director. The King of Indie Animation.

Joƫlle Jones Comic book artist on Batman, Spider-Woman, Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel. Creator of the multi Eisner-nominated series Lady Killer.

Jake Parker Creator of Inktober, independent illustrator, former artist at Disney, Marvel, and Blue Sky Studios.

Jason Brubaker Creator of the comic series Sithrah, reMIND. Owner of Coffee Table Comics and former artist at Dreamworks.

Will Terry Children's book illustrator, teacher at

Lora Innes Creator of The Dreamer webcomic published by IDW, artist on Wynonna Earp.

Paul Louise-Julie Comic artist and creator of the sci-fi and fantasy comic book series The Pack and Yohance.

Morr Meroz Animator/filmmaker, founder of Bloop Animation.

Daniel Gies Animation and Art Director for E*D Films, innovative visual storyteller.

Iris Compiet Award-winning illustrator featured in Imagine FX, Creative Bloq, and more. Writer/artist of Fairies of the Faultlines.

Dan Ekis Creator of the fantasy comic Soul of the World, director of the animated feature film Grey Island.

Debra Solomon Award-winning animation director, character designer & animation supervisor for the Disney Channel on Lizzie McGuire.

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A Word From Clubhouse Co-Founder Dan Ekis

I struggled for years to get exposure and make a living as an artist.

And while I now have an audience for my work and I get paid to draw every day . . .

. . . I found what I was really looking for all along was love and acceptance.

Every artist has beauty and creative genius inside of them.

We all just want to be recognized for it.

I learned that once you love and accept yourself exactly as you are right now . . .

Everything else falls into place.

Once you awaken to the light you have inside of you, the rest of the world will see it too.

And we're here to help you do it.

- Dan Ekis, Writer/Artist Soul of the World

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

*We offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee.  

If you try the Kid Millionaire Clubhouse for 30 days and are not completely satisfied, just email - and we'll process your refund, no questioned asked.  

And yes, we'll still love you. :)

Welcome to a supportive community of artists where there is no competition, only creation.

"Kid Millionaire Clubhouse gave me a place to open up about my processes and share my work with others. I feel connected and supported and found a wealth of useful resources! Thanks Dan!"  

Rebecca Huggins

"I think the clubhouse has been amazing! More than anything, it's been a healthy community where artists can fellowship without getting into a pissing contest. Being an artist is typically a lonely profession. Especially if you work at home. This page has been great at providing me with a place to share my art, struggles, and triumphs, as well as providing a place where I can go during the day when I feel isolated and talk with other artists." Andrew Peterson

"Being part of the Kid Millionaire Clubhouse has not only included me in an open and supportive environment of fellow artists, but introduced me to new techniques, resources, and even some new comics to follow as a fan!"  

Rowyn Golde

"Kid Millionare is the best example what a professional artist should be doing. I have found inspiration, knowledge and like minded people with the right attitude towards building a successful art career."  

Esau Figueroa

"What makes Kid Millionaire Clubhouse different from other art groups is the support and positivity you get from the other members. I'm making lifelong friends with people who share my passion for art and good storytelling, and I just haven't found that anywhere else. The encouragement and guidance I've received from Dan and the other members has made me a better artist, but more importantly a better person."  

Branson Boykin

"Dan's consistent stream of tips, encouragement, and methodologies (not to mention his talent for assembling a vocal group of like-minded artists struggling with many of the same difficulties) have provided me with the inspiration I've needed to give life to the projects that were up to now only living in my heart."  

Avery Beckett

Still Have Questions?

Where Do I Start?

Click the "Join Now" button to enter your info, then you'll recieve a link via email to join our Private Facebook Group, where you can begin growing your following with new friends and fellow artists.

Will I Have Enough Time?

Our group requires zero time investment and as a member you are free to participate in the group as much or as little as you like.

We have many members who actively post on a regular basis and some members who never post but enjoy the other benefits of their membership.

The Clubhouse is designed for artists with busy schedules and allows you to get support from our community on the go, 24/7.

If you already have a couple minutes to check social media here and there throughout the week, then you will be able to get all of the benefits of being a Clubhouse member.

Some members check less frequently depending on their schedules and are still able to get support from the community in building their following and making a living off their art.

If you aren't able to make our live masterclasses and Q&As, we provide you with recordings so you can watch/listen to them whenever you want.

Where Does the $15 Go?

Our membership dues go towards booking the biggest names in comics, animation, illustration, and visual storytelling to come do masterclasses and Q&A sessions with us.

These artists are extremely high in demand and have been hired by places like Pixar, Dreamworks, Marvel, DC Comics, and more, so their time is very valuable. 

You will also learn valuable skills in the Clubhouse which will allow you to make more money off your art, so your membership dues will essentially pay for themselves in the long run.

What If I Have No Followers?

You don't need to have followers to join the Kid Millionaire Clubhouse, only a desire to make great art and learn.

We have members who have large followings and are making a full-time living as artists, and we also have members who are just starting out and have little to no followers.

Orson Welles was a first-time filmmaker when he made Citizen Kane, and it went on to become one of the greatest films of all time. Just because you are a beginner that does't mean you don't have anything to offer.

Even our members who have already built an audience are still eager to learn, and gain valuable insights from members with smaller audiences.

What If I Have No Motivation?

We not only include a free lesson on how to stay motivated for our members, but by simply interacting with artists who are making a living off their art already you will naturally be motivated to do the same. 

Our members are also extremely supportive and lend encouragement to each other anytime someone is feeling discouraged.

What If I Have Artist Block?

Although our community does not require our members to actually make any art, we strongly encourage you to pursue your own passion projects and make the kind of art you love making.

You are not required to post any artwork you create if you are not comfortable doing so.

Artist block comes from a fear of creating something that will be percieved as not good. The reality is, even the best artists still do bad drawings.

The Kid Millionaire Clubhouse is a place with no competition and no judgement, and instead we maintain a culture of love and support.

Our members range from beginners to experienced artists and actively post their works in the group, sometimes simply rough sketches and works in progress.

This takes the pressure off so you have a safe place to learn and develop as an artist and get helpful feedback wthout having to worry about being judged by others. 

What If This Doesn't Work For Me?

If you were trying to sail to an island, would you get on a boat that wasn't specifically going to that destination? 

The reason most artists fail to get exposure and make a living off their art is because all of the vehicles they are using aren't designed to take them where they want to be.

Online courses and social media are great tools we use along the way, but are designed to just "make you better" or take up your time and attention. They aren't the vehicles that will take you where you want to go.

The Kid Millionaire Clubhouse is specifically designed to get you to a place where you have enough followers who will support your art so you can make a sustainable living.

Everyone in our group is going to the same place you are, or are already there, so it requires less time and effort on your part because you are on a team of people all working towards a common destination.

What If I Have Self-Doubt and Lack Confidence?

You don't have to be confident in your abilities as an artist to begin to build a following that will support your art. Self-doubt is something even the artists you look up to and follow still face.

There are many artists who have large followings online who are still developing their skills, simply because people follow artists who are going somewhere, not necessarily ones who are extremely skilled.

We are a very welcoming and encouraging group and our members range from artists still learning the fundamentals of drawing to professional artists who are eager to lend support to less experienced artists.  

We don't believe in being competitive, we believe in being creative. We see each other as friends who will help you fullfill your dreams, not as someone you have to compete with.  

This way, there is no pressure, and everyone wins and is able to grow their following together.

You are the average of the people you spend the most time with, so by making friends with the artists in our community their confidence will naturally begin to rub off on you the as you interact with them over time.

What If I Procrastinate and Have a Hard Time Finishing Projects?

Although our community does not require our members to do any actual work, we strongly encourage you to pursue your own passion projects and make the kind of art you love making.

We not only include free content to help people who have a hard time finishing their projects but simply having a group of friends who know you are working on a project will naturally give you the motivation to finish it.

Also, by seeing your friends in the Clubhouse finishing their own projects and creating artwork, you will be much more inspired to complete your own.

Your Followers Are Waiting...

Our supportive community of artists is ready to take you to a place where you are making a living making the kind of art YOU want to make.