How to Get Started In Animation and Make Your Own Animated Series & Films (With No Professional Experience)

A 6-Week Animation Career Crash Course Designed to Fit Your Busy Schedule  

What you will find in this course:

  • Learn how to launch your career

Learn how to find paying work in animation with no experience, how to appoach studios and structure your portfolio, and how to get noticed online.

  • Discover how to make your own animated series and films

Learn the exact process and workflow you can use to make your own animated series and films from scratch, whether you're working by yourself or with a crew.

  • Develop your knowledge and skills

Better your skills and abilities as an animator and get actionable exercises and valuable resources.

A Kid Millionaire Course

The traditional approach to getting started in animation (getting a degree then getting hired full-time by a studio when you graduate) is obsolete.

With freelance animation (the fastest and easiest way for aspiring animators to get started in animation), you'll have studios coming to you offering you work; gain invaluable professional experience and see a huge difference in your skill level; and automatically master self-motivation and time management.

We started the Kid Millionaire Club, our online community of animators and visual storytellers, to make it easier and more affordable for artists to get on track to telling their own stories for a living and get the experience they need to break into the industry.

- Dan Ekis, Kid Millionaire Club Co-Founder, Director of the Animated Feature Grey Island  

In-depth learning at your own pace. You get lifetime access to our vault of video lectures so you can learn at your own pace, and our lessons are structured to save you time and fit your busy schedule.

Actionable steps you can apply right away. Relevant information you can use for the rest of your career and apply today. Our lessons are tailored to meet your specific needs, whether you are a beginner or a professional, pinoint the problems you've been struggling with in your animation practice, and give you step-by-step guides to crushing them with confidence.

Empowering the animation community. Our mission is to make it easier and more affordable for animators to have fullfilling careers and achieve their dreams, NOT charge thousands of dollars to teach them information they can learn somewhere else. By delivering affordable, original learning content not available anywhere else, the Animation Career Bootcamp will support you as you continue your education and develop your skills and knowledge as an animator.

What you will learn:

Module #1: How to Get Started In Animation

  • Need some direction? We show you where exactly where to start your animation career and how to do it - the EASY way
  • Learn exactly what you should study
  • Discover the industry-standard resources and tools (2D, 3D, and traditional) you should use

Module #2: Time Management & How to Stay Motivated

  • Learn the easy way to self-motivate 
  • Discover how to follow through on projects even when you lose your initial excitement
  • Find out how to manage your time and stay on-task even when not in a work setting

Module #3: How to Market Yourself Online

  • Learn what to put in your portfolio 
  • How to develop a personal brand and make your work stand out online
  • The right way to approach studios you want to work for and how to break into animation

Module #4: How to Get Paid Animation Gigs & Work Remotely

  • Discover the #1 key to finding work in animation with no professional experience
  • Learn how to work remotely with clients from start to finish
  • How you can work reasonable hours, get paid good money, and avoid being taken advantage of  

Module #5: How to Create Your Own Animated Series and Films & Make a Living Off Your Art

  • Discover how to create your own animated series and films from start to finish (with a crew or by yourself!)
  • How you can make a name for yourself, make your work stand out online, and create a personal brand
  • Learn how you can make a living working on your art all day every day  

Module #6: Character Design Secrets

  • How to create and design your own original characters for animation
  • Learn the character design secrets of the animation industry studios use to make audiences fall in love with their characters
  • Discover the best places to find inspiration for original characters and how to navigate trends in the animation landscape  

BONUS: Masterclass With Academy-Award Nominated Animation Director, Bill Plympton

  • Learn the keys to making a living off your art from the King of Indie Animation himself!


"For those of you wanting to learn animation, but have very little experience, I highly recommend applying for this course. Taking the ACB(Animation Career Bootcamp) taught me not only what it takes to support myself as a freelance animator, but also about myself. It showed me the kind of mindset needed when applying to a job or even starting your own business."  

 - Tomas S.  

"Dan Ekis will guide you through not only the technical aspects of creating an animated film, but also the process of keeping yourself motivated and passionate about your craft no matter what that may be."  

- Dane D. (3D Artist)

"Having been working in animation for almost 20 years I recently found myself being forced into pursuing freelance work. I had absolutely no idea where to begin, how to market myself, or even how to motivate myself. Listening to the course and the experiences of someone who has been through the same thing really gave me a new perspective about being an independent animator. Being able to actively participate in a community of animators and artists, give feedback, get advice and receive feedback really makes you feel like your part of an on going process. The motivation it provided is what I needed to keep moving forward.

- Timothy B. (Professional Animator)

"I would recommend these videos to any artist and animator who's trying to develop their craft in a professional or a personal sense. The information presented in these videos is very valuable." 

 - Mike M. (Freelance Animator)  

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Animation Career Bootcamp

  • Module #1: How to Get Started In Animation
  • Module #2: Time Management & How to Stay Motivated
  • Module #3: How to Market Yourself Online
  • Module #4: How to Get Paid Animation Gigs & Work Remotely
  • Module #5: How to Create Your Own Animated Series and Films & Make a Living Off Your Art
  • Module #6: Character Design Secrets
  • BONUS : Masterclass with Bill Plympton

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